Christina Cheng


Simplicity is Black   Simplicity is White

       Peace & Calmness      Purity & Weightlessness

Simple Beauty, Expressed in Natural Materials

A Style:

Built Upon World Travel & Timeless Influences


Meet The Designer: Christina Cheng

It takes more than artistic sense and a knowledge of the clothing business to be a good fashion designer. Of course these are essential ingredients, but there has to be more. There has to be a clear understanding of style and people, a sense of purpose and direction, and a life story that fills the fabric of life with color and texture.

Christina Cheng, the New York fashion designer, has all of these ingredients and probably some more. After her peaceful childhood as one of five children in a military Navy family in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, she studied art and fashion design in Arizona and at the renowned Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City.

Her work as a fashion designer brought her not only to New York City, but also to Germany, Italy and Hong Kong. She has travelled all continents, and spent many hours searching and enjoying new patterns, materials and colors in markets in Peru, Kenya or Indonesia.

Christina Cheng has a truly international outlook on design, her global lifestyle, artistic precision and fine color sense allow her to be truly creative and forward looking in her designs. She refuses any commercial pressures on her work, but designs and produces clothing and accessories of perfect quality and harmony. Her work is at the same time art and very beautiful fashion, a focal point in the many influences of global culture.

Christina Cheng discovered her love for aviation and the benefits it brings to people through her worldwide travels. Christina Cheng lives on Long Island's North Shore.


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